Dealing With Fear of Food How to Recover From the Fear of Food

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Hey guys, guess who’s back!! Sorry I’ve been completely MIA on the blog the past few weeks. It’s been very crazy. I’m more active on Instagram though, so if you want semi-updates from yours truly, make sure you follow me on there! 🙂 Now, the reason I’m writing this blog is to discuss something that is close to my heart: fear of food

To be honest, this post has been saved for three months, in my drafts, as I was waiting for the inspiration to hit me. I’ve been going through a rougher patch, where I went back to old habits in regards to food. I was, once again, scared of eating something different or outside of my usual food choices, even though I’m following a flexible diet and count macros to hit my daily numbers. For some reason, I was still scared to eat that ice cream cone, even though I could make it fit into my daily macros.