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As many of you may know by now, I am going on my first solo trip this summer. During this trip, I want to explore Cafes, Museums and Historical landmarks throughout Europe, but I also want to keep running my business. After all, are you really a modern-day writer/blogger if you don’t travel the World with your laptop?

I started interacting with the Bucketlist Bombshells, known as Cassie and Shay, on Twitter a few months ago. Their story of how they traveled the World all the while managing their digital businesses was so inspiring, and I had to know more.

These girls are basically living the life every blogger and modern entrepreneur dreams of: make money while traveling the world.

So, obviously, I interviewed them for a sneak peek into their fabulous lives.

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The Bucketlist Bombshells nickname started when the two best friends started globetrotting as digital nomad girl bosses, simultaneously building their business and ticking off their Bucket List.

sarah anton, love, summer, paris, love locks, love bridge, the fitrepreneur, bucket list bombshells

Cassie Torrecillas

Cassie built Digitally Brewed, a boutique digital marketing agency, where she helps beauty and lifestyle brands rock their brand world from graphic and website design to content creation services.

Cassie’s a running addict and likes to turn up the tunes and run it out after a long day of work.

sarah anton, love, summer, paris, love locks, love bridge, the fitrepreneur, bucket list bombshells

Shay Orlena

Shay created My Bliss Publishing to help heart-centered entrepreneurs develop their lifestyle businesses. She specializes in marketing their online products and services, building online communities and creating brands people can connect with.

Shay hunts down local Pilates studios and with Cassie, they find the nearest yoga studio to cool down and get a little zen.

The girls are also the founders of The Work Online + Travel The World Course (WTC), which “teaches recent grads how to follow their wanderlust by building an online business, giving them the freedom to travel and work from anywhere in the world!”

How Did WTC Start?

The idea for the WTC course blossomed from our personal experiences because well, we started out by doing just that. Two years ago, we were newbies in the real world trying to navigate with that hard-earned diploma in hand but the thought of living our lives away in a cubie just wasn’t cutting it. Instead, we dedicated ourselves to building virtual marketing companies to give us the freedom to create the lifestyle we craved.

After one late night at our kitchen table in Mexico, we created a Bucket List and decided to take our business on the road and travel the world together! The experience has been life changing to put it simply. We’ve been able to successfully run and grown our online businesses while traveling the word and now…we want to teach other wanderlust seekers how to do the same!

The idea for The Work Online + Travel The World Course was inspired by all the people we’ve met on the road that have said, “You girls are living the dream…I wish I could work and travel!” Even more, the most common response we get to why they aren’t is they simply don’t have the money. We want to teach people that travel is not financially out of reach and it’s possibly to create your own lifestyle and cure your wanderlust by building an online business…we’ll teach you how!

sarah anton, love, summer, paris, love locks, love bridge, the fitrepreneur, bucket list bombshells

Being a girl boss at such a young age isn’t always a piece of cake, but the Bucketlist Bombshells keep themselves motivated and inspired by focusing on everything yet to be discovered out there, in the World. “In such a short amount of time, we’ve been able to see and experience so much of the world from learning about new cultures, trying new food, embarking on exciting adventures, meeting inspiring people, the list could go on and on!”

Their passion for their business and excitement for their future projects help them wake up every morning with a driving fire, to inspire as many people as possible through the power of Internet.

“The emails we receive on a daily basis from other aspiring Girl Bosses and Bucketlist Bombshells who are ready to embark on their own adventures has been one of the best feelings in the world!”

sarah anton, love, summer, paris, love locks, love bridge, the fitrepreneur, bucket list bombshells

What are some of the benefits of traveling the world as an entrepreneur?

Some of the biggest benefits of traveling have been being able to experience new cultures and expand our minds. We are constantly learning – whether it’s learning the basic of Thai, how to order food at an Italian deli, where to get our laundry done in Mexico etc. it keeps it exciting! It’s rarely the same thing day in and day out and that’s what we love about it.

Being that health is an extremely important factor in the girls’ lifestyle, they included great tips for how to stay healthy on the road with at-home workouts and on-the-go routines in their WTC.

“We believe it’s all about maintaining a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. It can’t be ALL about work ALL the time.”

When it comes to finding that work-life balance as a Bucketlist Bombshell, the girls have only one important tip:

Make time for yourself.

Although it may sound simple, running a business while traveling can become overwhelming over time. “Make time for the little things you enjoy that make you feel better – whether that’s curling up with a book in the evenings, practicing yoga, etc.”

sarah anton, love, summer, paris, love locks, love bridge, the fitrepreneur, bucket list bombshells

How exactly do you balance your social & business life? Any tips for newbies?

Having a work/life balance is something that is SUPER important to both of us. It can be really easy to want to work from bed all day or be so focused you’re constantly working 14 hour days.

As entrepreneurs, we have the freedom to create our lifestyle, so take advantage of it!

Even if you don’t work in an office, get ready and work from a coffee shop or a co-working space to stay connected with others and motivated. Do other things you’re passionate about (besides your work!) on a daily basis.

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If you’re struggling to find balance, create a schedule. Just like in business, you need a plan of action. Do you want to get up in the morning and run or do you want to take a salsa dancing lesson on Thursday nights? Whatever it is, commit to it and tell someone on your team so you have an accountability partner.


Going down the entrepreneurial path may seem like a scary roller coaster to hop on, but the girls have been enjoying every minute of it. Being an entrepreneur might be filled with bumps and heart-racing moments, but that’s what makes the journey so interesting!

Little by little, as you’re moving evolving in your business, you realize just how fun and educational this whole ride is. You start looking at your accomplishments and focusing on them rather than dwelling on the small setbacks you’ve come across throughout your journey. For example, one of their greatest accomplishments as entrepreneurs is actually being able to build the WTC to help inspire as many aspiring Bucketlist Bombshells as possible.

It took time, yes, but it was worth it.

Every one is scared about going on the entrepreneurship roller coaster, because it’s a scary – unknown – ride. I was extremely scared when I started, and so were the girls…


I feel like my greatest struggle when first starting was having confidence that I could run a successful business. For me, this was something that grew with experience and time. I realized that my passions and skills we’re truly valuable to other people and I could actually consistently make great money doing what I love!


I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart and had so many different business ideas rattling around in my head. It was a struggle to pick one idea, skill and business and run with it. I started trying to do them all and none were getting the attention they deserved. Once I decided to focus on one niche, my business exploded. I took all the skills I had and combined them into one specific package for one specific niche.

All you need to succeed as an entrepreneur is heart. It’s all about “being 100% passionate about what you’re doing, building and creating. When your work doesn’t feel like work, this is when the magic happens.”

So if you have a passion for something, let it be drawing or accounting, go for it! You only have one life, darling, so make sure you’re living it the way you want it.

sarah anton, love, summer, paris, love locks, love bridge, the fitrepreneur, bucket list bombshells

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Also, make sure you get on the VIP list for their Work Online & Travel The World Course to be the first to know when class registration opens in Spring 2015!

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